It all began with an ice cream wizard named Susan. She would craft delectable and indulgent ice cream in her creamery daily. Not so far away, lived a champion chef named Biagio. His mouthwatering and succulent creations were the talk of the town. One day, while Susan was enjoying yet another spectacular meal at Biagio’s restaurant, she and Biagio learned of their shared love for ice cream. As it turned out, Biagio would often cheat on his diet and visit Susan’s creamery.
They tinkered around with the idea of making rich, indulging treats but without the refined sugars or artificial substitutes. Aha! That was when they decided to join forces and create ISKREAM using Stevia, a natural sweetener. Every day since, they have been on a journey crafting and perfecting delicious and healthy ice cream you will love and feel GREAT about!

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 Susan        &     Biagio

​Ice cream wizard            Champion Chef